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She sat on the bed and removed her pantyhose and panties, then positioned herself in the middle of the bed, legs spread. Without ceremony or comment, Ruth climbed between her legs and positioned herself above her.Phyllis sat on the bed and opened the lips of Susan's pussy with one hand while guiding her husband's cock into the young woman with the other.She let the dress fall to her feet and walked toward the bedroom, followed by Ruth, Phyllis and Scott.All noticed the sway of Susan's nylon-encased hips as she walked angrily to the bedroom. Reaching the bedroom, she removed her bra revealing a perfect pair of c-cups.Ruth sank into her to her balls, the lack of lubrication causing discomfort to both of them.

This evidently was not a high-priority hearing for her. When the salesclerk said yes, Phyllis asked for it in a size that I knew was meant for Ruth. I tossed my dress on the counter and blurted out that I wouldn't be seen dead in a dress a drag queen was going to wear." At this both Ruth and Scott looked at Susan, dumbfounded by her confession. His face was somewhat flush, and his breathing was becoming irregular. Standing, she went over to Ruth and unzipped the back of her dress.

Especially when one considers the circumstances of Ruth leaving Hume, Goethe, Marlowe. "It's just that Phyllis and I got a little bet on the outcome of today's hearing, and I don't want you to lose." "What sort of bet? *** Ruth was just about to enter the courthouse when she spotted Scott at the foot of the courthouse steps; she waited as he climbed.

Halfway up the steps, Scott recognized his former mentor. " "Well, we ..." "We bet ..." both Susan and Phyllis spoke at the same time. "Well, Susan, this started with your remark, and you lost the bet, maybe you should explain." All eyes turned to Susan, who fidgeted in her chair. two weeks ago Phyllis and I were shopping, and I was trying on this dress that I really wanted.

"Don't tell me you're having morning after regrets." The question came from Phyllis, Ruth's wife. He closed his eyes and relived the events of the last twenty-four hours. " Susan asked, leaning against the door jamb to the bathroom. Scott detected a certain smugness on his wife's reflection in the mirror as the small bubble of blood formed. When you look good, you do good." Scott cringed at the homily, nearly cutting himself again. Scott played the grateful and loyal protégé, even maintaining an open friendship after Ruth left the firm. Scott inherited Ruth's clients, and Ruth was always willing to provide insights on each one to Scott.

Scott had just stepped out of the shower, and was preparing to shave. Early in their marriage he had let Susan shave him—one of those cutesy things newlyweds do. The only people who would be in the courtroom would be other lawyers, the judge, the court reporter and the judge's staff. As he looked for the styptic pencil, she turned and disappeared. That was one of his mother's favorite sayings, and his wife had acquired it along with a variety of his mother's other habits and sayings. Phyllis had been the perfect lawyer's wife—beautiful, gracious, excellent taste in clothes, a sparkling conversationalist, and most important to the wife of a young associate, never catty or imperious.

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