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CSF Software (Chris Farmer) 'Countdown' for Maths - 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' - for maths AND a game designer 10 quick questions - Word search creator, etc Interactive Mathematics, Miscellany and Puzzles (Cut-the-Knot) Unsolved Mathematical Problems (Wolfram Research) Puzzles Codes and Cyphers (CIMT, Plymouth Uni) Nim - Pearl3 Flash Animation!

SIMON SINGH BBC Broadcasts (Radio 4) Five Numbers (0, PI, PHI, i, INFINITY) [Mar 02] Another Five Numbers (4, 7, Largest Prime, Kepler's Conjecture, Game Theory) [Oct 03] A further Five Numbers (1, 2, 6, 6.67 x 10^-11, 1729) [Aug 05] Simon's Newsletter = Marcus de Soutoy "The Code" (BBC tv, 2011) Search for "marcus du sautoy code" in Google videos - DVD available (Amazon) Nice exerpt: Fractals and movies Useful ' How to use' blog from Nordin Zube (Randwick Girls High School, NSW) = PRIME NUMBERS and INTEGERS, etc Integer Lists to full accuracy [Powers of 2, Pythag.

") NOTE: Some data sets on the web are already in Excel's XLS format.

Some are nicely organised in tables, and so will copy and paste directly into Excel Others will paste annoyingly into a single column in Excel.

[Des Beechey, NSW] Some Magnetic Island Plants [Donald Simpson, QLD] = CANADA Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) - Candian Mathematical Society, and others - - Resources Eyeball - Estimating goemetric properties (from Matthias Wandel's woodworking site, Canada) - Poly - Explore polyhedra (to download from Pedagoguery Software) Resources from Jill Britton, Camosun College, Victoria, BC - Symmetry and Tessellations 30 Activities - Fun with Curves & Topology: Topics 1-12 - Topics 13-18 - The occurrence of Conics - - Escher in the Classroom - Polyhedra Pastimes Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason SOUTH AFRICA (Dr Gerrit Stols, University of Pretoria, RSA) - Interactive Mathematics - MS Office Mathematics tools Dynamic Math Learning (Mike de Villiers, University of Durban-Westville, RSA) - Dynamic Geometry Sketches = - Home (Maths, Design, Juggling, Computing) - Colin - Juggling Animated Factorisation ( up to 10,000) - by Brent Yorgey, Hendrix College, Arkansas, USA - Unlimited version!

Maths in a Suitcase - Selwyn can Zeller (Edgbaston) - Pass the Pigs (Gary Kramer) Subtangent - Millionaire, Countdown, etc Combination Lock puzzle - Puzzle links Funderstanding Rollercoaster!

] (4Mb) - Abbott and Costello 'In The Navy' (1941): [28/7 = 13!

] - Also here, from Math in the Movies] - Donald in Mathmagic Land (Disney, 1959 26 min) - Friday math movie: Fractals - Hunting the Hidden Dimension (PBS, 55 min) - Fractals and the movies (excerpt, Marcus du Soutoy - 5 min) - 'e' and 'PI' ...

== Mr Barton Maths by Craig Barton (Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton) - Resources for teachers, pupils, parents, and just for fun!

Three equations to copy and paste straight into Autograph - try them! of Mathematics Advisers) 10) May 2012 - Australian Association of Math Teachers (AAMT) - "You can do Maths" Mathematical Association of New South Wales (MANSW) Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) Mathematical Association of WA (MAWA) Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA) International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics, Melbourne (ICE-EM) SOUTH AFRICA AIMSSEC - (African Institute for Mathematical Studies Schools Enrichment Centre) AMESA - (Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa) IEB - (Independent Examinations Board, South Africa) = USA American Mathematical Society (AMS) Mathematical Assoc. Further Maths Support Group (FMSP) Problem Solving ideas for GCSE - 64 page booklet (pdf) Problem Solving ideas for A level Exam Solutions (Stuart Sidders) - comprehensive collection of worked solutions - OCR, Edexcel, AQA, MEI, CIE, IB, GCSE Cambridge Digital Library (Newton's Principia, and others!

------------------------------------ Valentine's Day graph y = |x| ± √(4 – x²) Valentine: 2D, 3D (.agg) ------------------------------------ An Easter Egg x²/4 y²/4 5z²/36 = 1 and: r = z 3.5 ------------------------------------ A pringle: x² – y² = z (hyperbolic paraboloid) ==== Professional Associations for mathematics teachers === ATM - ATM You-Tube Channel - Resources online - East Midlands Branch (with MA) M. - East Midlands Branch (with ATM) NANAMIC (FE Colleges) NCETM: National Centre of Excellence in Mathematics Teaching - Mathemapedia (new WIKI for Mathematics Education) - NCETM Management team === Government sites (England and Wales) ===Department for Education National Numeracy Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) - England === Examination Boards (England and Wales) === AQA - Mathematics specifications EDEXCEL- Mathematic and Statistics - Guide to new GCSE (2017) OCR - Mathematics MEI [Mathematics in Education and Industry] - MEI Further Maths Support Programme - Integral: Online Resources for Mathematics (subscription site) - Summary of chages to AS/A level (2017) Core Maths Support Programme - === Other organisations === TES (Times Educational Supplement) - Resources for Mathematics Educational Guardian Royal Institution of Great Britain - STEM resources Increasing the Supply of Mathematical Sciences Graduates (Project) Chartered Mathematics Teacher ACME (Advisory Council on Mathematics Education) BSRLM (Brit. for Research into Learning Mathematics) AMET (Assoc. of America (MAA) National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Math Teacher - how to become a math teacher Become a Teacher in the USA - great new resource - PLUS: Maths magazine (Who uses Mathematics) - Teacher packages, eg: Complex Numbers, Differential Equations, Vectors and Matrices - Engineering articles - 101 Uses of the Quadratic Equation (Chris Budd & Chris Sangwin) - Part 1, Part 2 National STEM Centre (York) - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics network - e Library Resources - SMILE cards - Problem Solving activities Teachit Maths: huge resource base (free and subscription) - from Bath The Tutor Pages - search for Maths Tutors in your area, and resoruces articles TES Connect Secondary Resources - Mathematics MATHSworld UK - proposed Museum of Mathematics un the UK Maths Careers (London Math. ) - Spire Maths (Keele University) Interactive Whiteboard Resources for secondary mathematics Kangaroo Maths (Steve Lomax, Gloucestershire - subscription site) - Bring on the Maths (free samples) - Autograph Resources (Lesson Plans/Pupil Worksheets, by Alan Catley) E-CHALK (by Dr Iestyn Jones, Penarth, Wales - subscription service, some free) - Preview - Optical Illusions - == TOP RECOMMENDATIONS!

Global Carbon Emissions - animated, by countries Population Pyramids for various regions of the World DISCUSS (Sidney Tyrrell, Coventry University) Stats Tutor (Loughborough and Coventry Universities) Making Statistics Vital (Jonny Griffiths, Norwich) Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (Rice University, Houston, Texas) - Simulations/Demonstrations - Sampling Distribution simulation Plus Magazine Teacher Package: Probability and Statistics Sidney Tyrrell's home page (probability and statistcs, Coventry University) The Birthday Problem: Simulation Teaching Statistics - (Wiley) CAST: Computer Assisted Statistics Teaching [registration required] - a complete course, by Doug Stirling, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand ======================================================== = HELP with Excel Excel-Easy (Niels Weterings, Amsterdam) - superb!!

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: == ONLINE BOOKS and COURSES == K-12 Flex Books(California) - free online text books STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Khan Academy - vast resource of recorded video lessons by Sal Khan (Math, Science, Humanities) - Associated videos from Vi Hart Math Planet (Vestavia Hills High School, Birmingham, Alabama) - Pre-Algebra - Algebra1,2 - Geonetry - SAT - (Calculus) Museum of Mathematics (Mo Math), New York == Ultimate Math Resources Guide (Carol Lindberg and others, San Diago) - - blog Lesson Plans by Share my Lesson - by teachers for teachers Resources for USA from TES Connect Online Schools Texas: Mathematics Huge collection of online University courses Mathematica based resources - Wolfram Alpha - Wolfram Demonstrations - Wolfram Math World (Encyclopedia from Wolfram Research, based on Mathematica) - The Integrator (any integral, by Mathematica) ( the History of integration) Online Encylcopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS, New Jersey) How to use Excel - useful tutorial from Avidian Technologies, Bellevue, WA, USA Jet Punk - hundreds of quizzes from John and Dan Hostetler (Ann Arbor/Seattle) - Mathematical quizzes Ohio - Resources and puzzles (Ohio) NCTM Illuminations - Activities, Lessons, Standards, Web Links Digital Libraryfrom Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Math-ebookby Patty Smith (Math Learning Center, Cleveland, Ohio) Free Math Worksheets and Video tutorials designed for different learning levels: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Physics Education Technology Simulations (University of Colorado at Boulder) Calculus Applets for AP Calculus AB/BC (Tom Downey) - Web Comp Math (Java components used in Calculus Applets) Mathbits - fun, yet challenging, lessons and activities Scratch (a sort of Java Logo!

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