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having reverted te the old exclusive system, at present all the offices being filled by Prelates or Ecclesiastics : the system, or Hierarchy of Coi^- gazioni, has been abolished since I81Q, except for purely ecclesiastical intrusted to t Jie Senator, „ ^^-. All may be laymen except the Cardinal Secretary of State, an excellent change for the bett«r, but which is no longer acted upon, Pius IX. Consi Bt Jng of 35 large and T s ptges of Teit and Jndei. The first is the Comarca of Home, including within its jurisdiction the capital and the Agro Bomano. There are six Legafiont — Bolf^na, Ferrara, Forli, Ravenna, Urbino (with Pesaro), 2. All vacancies in their body are filled up by the Pope, whose power in this respect is absolute. On the dealb of the Pope the lupreme power is exercised by the Cardinal Camerlengo for nine days, ana during that time he has the privil^e of ooining money bearing lu's own name and arms. Fonti S takes place, and on the following the Cardinals meet in secret conclave to elect his successor. The Papal States are divided into twenty provinces. The Legations are governed by Cardinals, although none' have been so of late years, and the Delegations, for the most part, by Prelates, with the title of Monxigiwre. There are thirteen De Ugatiotu or Provinces — Anoona, Uacera Ut, Camerino,' Fermo, Abco H, Perugia, Bpoleto, Bieti, Viterbo, Orvieto, Civit» Vecchia, Froainone (with Poatecorvo), and Beneveuto, The Legftlion B and Delegationg are divided into , Districts, the latter into Qo Teniorshipa, and Oiose i^ain into Communea. The number of Uie Cardinak was limit«d to seventy by Siitus T., in allu- mon to the number of disciples whom out Saviour commissioned to E reach tbe Gospel over the world ; but, until 1853, the Sacred College ad been rarely complete. Priw B are modcnit*, _ Swea-IIKi W at 1 and I o'o I-k*. English ipofcen br •' Fnm October DU M» a (bo Bd), • ■ I Mbj a good penakm I j HUBRAT^ HA1H»00E ADTEBTIGBft. In 1463 they obtained the principality of Pontecorvo, in the kingdom of Naples ; and about the same period Perugia, Orvieto, Citt^ di Castello, aud several other to^vns acknowledged the sovereignty of the suc- cessors o*f St. added to the dominions of the Holy See the important provinces of Bolo^a and Bomagna. Xm l OHSS, lad Bau na MIouuvm Atonty CBgyri^ wa SHimt, Kn U U, 30, Bailm Oonlen, Londoti, and ftjr cliatitit ami Per- BMnre of Sputiou biitatioiu III of " BOwli Nn S' " ptead Jiig Uiat of Uie article on the Wrapper or Inbd. Peter, extending fnou 'Rctme l« Bolsena, the coast-line liom mouth of the Tiber to the Tuscan frontier, the March of Ancona, and the duchy of Spoleto, On the retnrn of the Popes from Avignon, and on the sub- sequent subjection of the petty princes of Itomagna and Umbria, other important posseamons gradually fell into their bands. Compilecl trom the b«st authorities, re- viwd and verified by personal intpection, and arranged on an eotire Jj new plan, with Map and Plate*. Cliaracteriitic»ofthe Coa DU7xi 1, Pel Mgie, or Early Abori- ginal Architecture 3. Into the changes which ensued in the Slates of the Church it is unnecessary to enter in detail ; suffice it to say that tbo Pope, after a lengthened esile, was reinstated on the throne of St. the close of the war in 1814, and that the temporal possessions of tbe Holy See have, from that time, remained as they were settled by the Treaty of Vienna; which restored to Borne the Marches, with Camerino, tbe duchy of Benevento, the principality of Pontecorvo, the l^ations of Bavenna, Bologna, and Ferrara, save, however, that part of the latter pro- vince situated on the left bank of the Po, which Austria retained, together with the right of occupying the places of Ferrara and Com- maochio. Wl Ui Cn» Hundred AUTHOR'S FA70UBITB EDITION, in 48 CABISEr EDITION, In W vol* Hxp. (m PEOPLE'S EDiri OIT, la S luge to Ll nyil POETICAL WORKS-™»i»di^ of. The MAUic Al Rom Ancei,^THB Lat or the Lakb, Bof EBT, Tbk Ij Osd or rs B Ia LU, TQE Taisuunr, and Huoi and. Ancona was occupied by the Papal troops in 1532 ; Ferrara was seized in 1597 ; the Duke of Urbino abdicated in favour of the Chuich in 1626 ; and a few years later the Fapal territory received its last additiim in the fiefs of Castro and Bonciglione, wrested liy Inno- cent X. Such were the temporal possessions of the Popes when the wara arising out of the French revolution over- turned nearly all the governments of Italy.

In the eighth century the duchy of Home, which constituted the first temporal possession of the Holy See, was ccuferred by'Fepin and Charle- magne cm Stephen II., with a large portion of the esarchate of Eavenna, which they had conquered from the Lombards. In the eleventh century the duchy of Benevento became the property ot the Holy Bee, by a cession of the emperor Henry II. Griece^ ' 37& ■TTl' HANDBOOK FOR TEAVELLERS IK CENTRAL ITALY. Digitized bv Google The Editor of the Handbook for Cztstbu. Mapof Bo Iogna toface 36 of Sieoa „ 183 of Central uid Soalb Italj .' a Xfhe end. Their functions are purely municipal in the most contracted sense, neither exerdsiog mt^sterial duties nor in- terfering with the police. _ — I— -J, r, J — -ue of the great patrician families; and eight Coaiervatori, with a municipal body of forty (7oi«i- le Uort, who, having in the first instance been appointed by the Pope, now re-elect themselves, one half of the numb«' being selected from amongst the nobility or landed proprietors, the olber from the middle classes and tradespeople. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. But perhaps the greatest stigma on the impartial administration of the law in the Papal States is as regards political offences, which are deferred to a secret trihimal, called the Consulta, and of late years in the greater number of cases t« that of Bome. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Here the prisoner is only permitted to employ the sworn advocate of this exceptional tribunal.

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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Travellers willing to make nich communications are requestod to have the kindness to address tliem to the Editor of the Haitdbook, care of Mr. Travellers will therefore bear in mind that even a ung^e copy is contraband, and is liable to smare at the Ekg Ush Ctutom-hoase. — The Editor of the Handbooks has learned from various qoarters that a person or persons have of late been extorting money from innkeepers, tradespeople, artists, and others, on the Continent, under pretext of procoring recommendatio BS and fii TODr- able notices of tbem and their establishments in the Handbooks for Tra- vellera. In civil Bo»e« there is in the chief town of every province, delegation, andl^ation a judicial fvnotioiiary bearing the title of Govemat OTe, Gindice Conci' liatoreo T Aas Msore, who takes cognizance of all affurs where the amonut in litigation does not exceed 200 acudi.

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