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Gay dating out of your league

In conclusion, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in what you have been force-fed by the media to believe is beauty.

Your partner sees beauty in you and that is what matters the most.

Also, you do need to understand that a lot of your reasoning about this may be based on what society has told you is out of your league.

You may have primarily seen a particular type of person used in media as the the epitome of beauty and align that to your partner. That’s got to mean that she is the definition of physical beauty.

You have to look at yourself as an equal in the relationship.

At that moment, they realize that these leagues never existed in the first place. The only requirements for dating are to be human and to participate. It’s destructive to your self-esteem and dating success. I’ve witnessed an overweight construction worker married to one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen.When you claim a woman is out of your league, I bet you’re basing it on physical attractiveness. Just because she’s pretty does not mean she’s perfect. While I won’t lie that physical attraction is important to me, it isn’t the most important quality I look for. And I’ve spoken with hundreds of women over the years who all have various tastes in men.You disqualify yourself based on appearances alone. Beauty is commonplace – I can walk into any packed bar, mall, or park and see dozens of girls that I’d consider attractive. You can’t eliminate yourself before you even know what she wants. We all have our own personalities, interests, and goals. If you approach a woman and she’s not interested, don’t take it personally. It’s not a rejection from all women or from certain “leagues”.You’re telling yourself looks are the only thing that matters – and that’s a terribly narrow view on people and relationships. Internal qualities like respect, kindness, and self-esteem are much more rare and precious. It’s simply a declaration that you aren’t compatible with this one person.

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