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Posted by / 19-Mar-2019 12:20

The better the site functions for visitors, the more likely visitors are to come back. Of our 101 ways to draw traffic to your website, one involves creating a mobile app.

Mobile apps allow your visitors to experience your website in an easy-to-read, non-frustrating way. However, in terms of non-search engine sites, there doesn't seem to be one fail-safe template to follow, which is both good news and bad news.

For many, the internet is the easiest way to communicate with others, efficiently complete tasks and discover new things. jumped from roughly 54% in 2003 to over 71% in 2011.

We know that you have a lot of great ideas and useful info for web users, so why let all that go to waste by not driving the optimum amount of traffic to your website? That's a huge opportunity for your website to not only attract traffic, but to also convert that traffic into revenue.

Well, you may be saying, that's all fine and dandy, but how do I drive traffic to my website anyway? This article will help you navigate the autobahn that is online traffic flow.

We'll show you how to not only drive traffic to your website, but also how to maintain that traffic to keep the visitors coming. Professional advice about how to get more site visitors can be pricey.

Almost every day we read about other social networking site adding new feature in attempt to cater the needs of brands of free and paid promotion and induce brands to use social media advertising.So no wonder that social media begin to be widely used by companies to reach the target audience and increase conversion rate.Online dating services can also benefit greatly from rising popularity of social networking sites as they are the place where the perspective customers can be found.However, thanks to carefully chosen criteria by which we selected the audience to whom the ads will be shown, we managed to target the men on Facebook very precisely, which in turn generated quality traffic to the site.As a result, the number of free account creation has grown What is even more important, the number of paid registrations has increased substantially The proof that we have defined very relevant audience interested in agency services was the considerable users’ engagement: A high number of shares and comments Increase in number of pages per visits and time user spends on the site In compliance with task put by customer in the beginning, the majority of men (89%) coming from Facebook were from the United States: Finally, thanks to marketing strategy implemented by Promodo on Facebook, we managed to decrease the cost of one conversion (paid registration on the site) by 8 times in comparison with Ad Words.

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