GO Hub’s Questions and Answers beta is live


we’re currently beta testing a new Questions and Answers feature on the site and we need your help. In order to have a good QA community on the Hub, we’ve enabled user registration and participation. In other words, you can now make an account on the Hub and ask questions, answer other members questions and gather reputation for your answers on the Hub.

All of our readers are welcomed to take part in the beta test and help us build a great, reader powered, Q&A section of the website.

How to participate:

  • Head on over here: Questions and Answers
  • Hit the Ask Question button and register a Hub account
    • You will receive an e-mail from us, follow the activation link and reset your password
  • Ask your question or answer one of the existing questions on the Q&A
    • You can ask any kind of Pokemon GO question that adheres to the in-game ToS
  • Stick around, provide feedback and be an active participant on the Hub

While we’re in beta, this feature is hidden from all of our menus and is only accessible by using the links provided above. We’re planning a lot of fun stuff with the reputation system that we’re using, from monthly Q&A contests, knowledge quests and featuring best memebers on the Hub’s front page, but now is not the time to talk about that – more will be revealed in the future.

Thank you for your time and helping out with the Q&A beta!

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