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“I really enjoy hot yoga by candlelight and I’ve become a big TV addict. “I never thought I would be here for this long as Sienna was only supposed to be in the show for a year.

Is there a downside to playing such a crazy soap character? It was embarrassing as not everybody in Asda watches Hollyoaks and, to the unknowing eye, I might have looked like a home wrecker.

I put my basket down and ran out.” That does sound embarrassing!

“There was another time when I took my nephew to a Christmas market.

He was about five at the time and I was at the height of my child-kidnapping story in Hollyoaks.

I picked my nephew up and you could see people staring at me and thinking, ‘Oh my God, she’s pinched another kid! “After doing English at university, I did a post grad course at a drama school in Camden, called The Bridge, where all the teachers are professional actors and directors who are not working on jobs – they rotate the staff.

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We would both show off to such a terrible extent to each other. It’s nice to check in for lunch then go off and do your separate work.