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Both an unsheltered and sheltered count will be conducted this year, with the unsheltered count occurring on the evening of .

Having as much participation as possible at the January 11th membership meeting from agencies and stakeholders will be very helpful for feedback to inform outreach, volunteer recruitment, training and other aspects of the PIT Count.

Note as you look at the list of documents that make up the Co C Application that there are no files for Attachment 8 or 12 because those are not applicable for the Out-Wayne County Co C.

For any comments or questions, please contact Mitchel Blum-Alexander at [email protected]

The Office of Homeless Services’ mission is to ensure there is an effective system in place which engages and empowers individuals and families who have no home or are at risk of losing their home, to find and maintain stable housing.If you have any questions or suggestions for additional agenda items, please contact Mitchel Blum-Alexander at [email protected]” Meeting Agenda Posted by admin on September 26, 2017 The Out-Wayne County Co C is publishing the Consolidated Application that is proposed to be submitted for the FY 2017 HUD Co C NOFA on Wednesday, September 27th.For any comments or questions, please contact [email protected] C Application Pages 1-38 Co C Application Pages 39-161 Co C Application Pages 162-198 Co C Application Pages 199-223 Co C Application Pages 224-249 Co C Application Pages 250-287 Co C Application Complete Copy Priority Listing Posted by admin on September 21, 2017 On Monday, September 25th from am to am there will be a special membership meeting to review the FY 2017 HUD Co C Consolidated Application.* All agencies must enter their renewal or new project application into e-snaps by 3pm on Thursday, September 14. Please send an email to Joan Brophy at Wayne Metro to let her know you have completed this step.* Joan will review the project applications in e-snaps.

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