How Pokemon GO calculates stats and Max CP

Pokemon GO’s stat system is a little bit different from the main series Pokemon games. While main series games had HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed, Pokemon GO at first seems to only have HP stat and Combat Power (CP) value.

Pokemon GO Stats

Apart from HP and CP that we can notice at first, every Pokemon in Pokemon GO has base stats and they are Attack, Defense and Stamina. Pokemon GO ditches the Physical and Special Attack/Defense stat and the Speed stat in favor of a single Attack and Defense stat.

All those base stat values are in the game data and you can’t see them in-game. If you want to know them you have to check online, calculate them yourself or simply visit our GOHUB database where you can find stats and more for every Pokemon.

Base stats calculation

Pokemon GO base stats values are calculated from the Pokemon’s main series sixth-generation base stats, where Stathigher is the higher out of the Physical and Special main series base stat and Statlower is the lower. Statmain denotes an individual main series base stat. Formulas for Attack and Defense, since November 2016 update are:

While formula for HP hasn’t change at all from the start of the game and is:

Combat Power 

Combat Power, or CP, is Niantic’s way to measure overall Pokemon’s battle strength. CP itself is not actually used in any calculations during battle, it’s there just to give you a rough idea of a Pokemon’s strength, so it’s not always a case that a Pokemon with a higher CP is necessarily better than one with a lower CP.

If you want to know more about CP or how CP is calculated visit Combat Power Mechanics Wiki article written by Kratos.

Max CP 

Maximum Combat Power for every Pokemon is his CP at level 40 while having perfect IVs, i.e. 15/15/15 IVs. Your trainer level needs to be at least 38 for you to be able to power up your Pokemon to level 40. Powering up is the only way to achieve max CP for every Pokemon as you can only catch level 35 Pokemon’s in the wild.

Where?Max levelStardust to max CPCandy to max CP
Egg hatch level 20 225.000 248
Raids level 20 225.000 248
Raids while weather boosted level 25 194.000 220
In the wild level 30 150.000 182
In the wild while weather boosted level 35 88.000 118

Be aware that your trainer level need to be at least level 20 for you to be able to hatch Pokemon that are level 20 and you need to be at least level 30 to be able to catch level 30 Pokemon in the wild.

Highest CP Pokemon in the game

Let’s see what Pokemon from Generation 1-3 can have their CP above 3500.

PokemonMax CPAttackDefenseStamina
Slaking4548290 181 273
Kyogre 4074270 251182
Groudon 4074270251 182
Mewtwo 3982 300182 193
Ho-Oh 3889239274 193
Tyranitar 3670 251212 200
Rayquaza 3645284170191
Latios 3644 268228160
Metagross 3637 257247 160
Lugia 3598 193 323 212
Dragonite 3581 263 201182

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