How to take women to bed with online dating

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How to take women to bed with online dating

Hopefully, this section will also have some value for trans women, but you’re not my primary audience right now.

Before we get to how you should interact with your trans female partner, let’s talk about some stuff to avoid.

If you are a trans woman and disagree with something in this guide, please let me know so I can try to make it more comprehensive.

If you are hooking up with a trans woman and they say something which disagrees with a part or all of this guide, trust them to know their own bodies!

Likewise, the above is sort of over the top, and shouldn’t be viewed as scripts you need to recite word for word.

But, in general, highlighting the difference or freakiness of your trans partner is not a great idea. You see it, I admit, implicitly in the premise of a guide like this: Trans women are different, and you somehow need extra knowledge to have sex with us. You could do much worse than following that advice from earlier: That’s pretty good advice for having sex with any body, trans or cis.

The second statement is something you should discuss with your therapist, best friend, bartender, priest, etc, not with your trans partner.

Lets look at some possible emotions, and what you should or shouldn’t say.

If any trans men, or genderqueer folks, or even other trans women, want to write a similar guide from their perspective, please do so!Before we get started, a few ground rules and language notes: I’m going to use language the best way I know how, and with as much transparency as I can. It means language is complicated, and language around gender and sexuality is developing.(See Disclaimers, below.) I do not claim to speak on behalf of All Trans Women.As always, these are guidelines and not hard-and-fast rules.Not every trans woman is going to have the same attitude or desire the same type of communication.

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