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He brought a “comforting urgency that I never got from anybody ever,” she said.Everyone else in her life, including herself, felt she was a hopeless case, Chianne said, but Valero cared for and believed in her.They were unharmed and were asked to contact police if Silva returned. Tuesday, one of his family members called 911 and said Silva was at the front door.Salinas police responded and took him into custody without incident.Individuals obtaining information from this website should verify accuracy through appropriate entities prior to use.This database contains the listings of persons who have been processed into Monterey County Jail and lists the charge(s) for which they were originally detained.“It didn’t matter what time of day or night to help people. Tuesday, the pastor did just that when he met with one of his parishioners, Servando Ayala Silva, 37, outside Valero’s home in the 1500 block of Verona Court, according to Salinas police.Valero told his family he was going outside to pray with Silva.

"He was always calm, thoughtful, just there for everybody."Valero, 68, was deeply involved in the community and frequently attended faith-based events with city officials while also participating events like the rodeo, air show, fair and more.“It didn’t matter if it was daytime or night time, he would go out,” Contreras said.“I know people on the street and nobody has an ill word about the work that Pastor Herb does and brings.”Since Valero's death, community members have been sharing story after story of his giving nature online and in gatherings.Victory Outreach Pastor David Dell Castro grew up with Valero in Riverside.He was passionate about saving his City of Salinas …We can go into this war zone and pray for these people and let them know there’s hope.”Over the years, the pastor not only guided the couple spiritually but also got to know them on a personal level, inviting them into his home to spend time with his family during the holidays.“I know that Pastor Herb was on a mission to help people like myself to know there’s so much more and there’s a love we don’t even understand waiting for us, but I don’t think he knew the ripple effect that he had on others,” Chianne said.

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