Internet explorer 5 updating

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(We will probably just start using the web version of deploy instead of a local copy). There is no sense in downloading the x86 installer on an x64 based OS. This type of issue is cropping up again using the Windows 8 / IE 11 combination with the new version of Java (1.8.0_31).However, a (very) similar problem persists for our Safari users. The installation seems to work, but after installing Java via the Java Control Panel Update tab, every time you run a Java applet you are told your version of Java is outdated, but when you follow the prompts to again update, you are told your version of Java is newer than the one on the web.The problem mentioned in my question is related to Internet Explorer, to be precise, version 11, on Windows 8 and 8.1.We see the same problem with Java 7u51, IE11 and Windows 8.1.So, my resolution was: Its not about security settings .. I ran into a similar issue that impacted all my browsers. Finally resolved my java install issue on Win 7 64-bit running IE11.its the User Agent in IE11 ( in IE11 its Trident while all previous versions of MS IE were MSIE ) so I suppose that Java deployment tool cannot recognize new baby of MS .. I already ask if there is any temporarily solution till Oracle guys make new release Java Fx web not working with Internet Explorer 11 with JRE7 update: btw applet is working at least on the oracle test java page : just uninstall all JAVA from PC then reinstall latest version and disable then enable "Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper and Java(tm) Plug-In SSV Helper " @ manage add-ons. After completely uninstalling all my JREs and JDKs then startig from scratch, I ran into the same issue. I detailed out the solution here (Why does Java 7 fail to Verify after successful JRE installation - Java 7 not running my any browser) but basically I added this "prefer IPv4Stack=true" to my vm args (set in the Java Control Panel, under Java tab / View) and that solved the issues I was facing... Even though I installed the latest Java (65) via a java auto-update prompt, tried a verify java version and java failed to run, shut down all IE instances, failed to run verify again, shut down all running programs, failed to run verify again, rebooted, failed to run verify again, re-installed 65 again (shutting down the browser manually as it downloaded), and finally verify ran. The message I kept receiving was "The page you are viewing uses Java ..."; e.g. I do use sleep mode on my desktop and I believe that this is probably the major issue with install and IE with its "clever" integration into the OS and explorer/desktop. I've had issues with CD-ROM drive disappearing and other unexplained periodic issues; all cured after a full reboot.As detailed at and in a bug report submitted to Oracle on 17 January 2014 we find that all is OK until you agree to Java making changes to your system after installation.Once you allow the post-installation permission, Java is disabled. That should help someone how needs Java and has admin rights on his/her PC.

A friend wuth Windows 8 updated his Java version too and tested the application in IE 11, and he has the same issue. After that you can remove site from compatibility view and it should also run.

If Oracle doesn't make the update process less rocky, people won't update.

I've seen many people lately using 2009 versions of JRE 1.6.

That is the sort of situation that often doesn't end well. there is a little note on the java download site which says: "Downloading and installing Java will only work in Desktop mode on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

See the Java on Windows 8 FAQ for more detailed information." Unfortunately, "Desktop mode" is not the default mode in Windows 8.1. Furious, that java download does not work with the default config of Windows 8.1, don't know who to be more angry with? ( or me for skimming over the warning..) Also experienced issues with Java the last 2 weeks no longer working in IE 11 under Windows 7 x64 (reverted to Chrome where it DID work) I had to go through (ALL) the following steps in order to restore Java operation: Not exactly the same problem for me, because I was running the last java version 1.8.0_92, IE v11 and windows 7.

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