Is emma watson dating rupert grint 2016

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Over 150 people, of 15 different nationalities, worked on the makeup for these films. The prosthetic masks for the goblins working at Gringotts took eight months to make.

Each of their hairs was stitched on individually.44. Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood, made up her own dance for the wedding scene at the start of Part 1.47.

Κέρδισε το ρόλο της Γκρέιντζερ σε ηλικία εννέα ετών, έχοντας προηγουμένως συμμετάσχει μόνο σε σχολικά θεατρικά έργα.

Watson said destroying the Great Hall at the end of filming was "very satisfying". When Deathly Hallows was filmed, Jamie Waylett, who played Crabbe, was in prison for taking part in the 2011 London riots.

As a result, Goyle was killed in the battle of Hogwarts instead of Crabbe.38.

The one he gave Grint was of Harry stepping on Ron's head. Radcliffe kept Harry's first and last sets of glasses.15. On the last day of shooting, Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom, told Rickman how much he had always admired him.

Rickman sat down with him and offered him career advice.18. In the first take of her kiss with Grint, Watson said they both went in too quickly because they wanted to get it over and done with.24.

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Neville Longbottom's battle with Lord Voldemort was Matthew Lewis's first scene with Ralph Fiennes.