Jeff probes dating

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Jeff probes dating

'He was 100 percent straight with the committee and I think that people are choosing to play partisan politics, [for] which they should be ashamed of themselves.' 'He’s been 100 percent straight,' Spicer said of the attorney general.'The testimony and the question he was asked is whether or not he was aware of Trump campaign officials doing something in their capacity as campaign officials and information he had gotten past. Republican lawmakers were sticking by Sessions, however, on Thursday evening.

Sessions made his announcement two hours after President Trump declared 'total' confidence in him, following almost 24 hours of calls from Democratic lawmakers for him to resign.

You've compromised your integrity and our country; it's time to resign.'Before Sessions' crisis press conference, Moulton said that Sessions should have his former Senate aides procure his schedule to prove that the meeting with Kislyak was on the up and up.'Sessions wants us to believe he and Kislyak didn't talk politics at the RNC. He must resign.'Pennsylvania's Dwight Evans wrote, 'Recusing is not enough! Steny Hoyer, a Democrat from Maryland, said Session's announcement was 'insufficient.' 'He must resign.

Have you ever watched the Super Bowl and not talked football? Kamala Harris of California clobbered him in a tweet, as well. He must resign, lying to the American people is unacceptable. His actions have cast a dark cloud of doubt over the department he now leads and underscore the need for Congress to establish a bipartisan, independent commission to investigate Russia’s meddling in our democracy,' Hoyer said.

Sessions was asked about the White House's statements saying he shouldn't recuse himself.'I did share with White House counsel, or my staff has, that I intend to recuse myself this afternoon,' he responded.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said late Thursday morning at his weekly press conference that he did not see any 'purpose or reason' for Sessions to take himself off an investigation - unless he himself was the subject of the probe Sessions' decision removes one major political headache by giving the Democrats what they had been calling for. Sessions noted that he as of yet has no confirmed deputy attorney general, who might oversee any Trump investigation if he recused himself. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, one of the first lawmakers to demand he step down this morning, said in a tweet, 'AG #Sessions’ sorry attempt to explain away his perjury is totally inadequate. Seth Moulton similarly said, 'Recusal is too little too late, Attorney General Sessions.

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Despite saying he did not know of the meetings with Kislyak, he stood by his DOJ chief as Session took fire from Democrats for failing to disclose the conversations during his confirmation hearing. Ford in Newport News, Virginia, Trump was asked if Sessions told a Senate panel the truth about the communications.