How to put Pikachu on the coach’s shoulder in the Pokemon GO?

Easter eggs! How to put a pikachu on a shoulder in Pokemon Go After the recent update of Pokemon GO 0.37.0, you have the opportunity to take your favorite Pokemon with you for a walk, this function got the name “Buddy”, or call “Buddy” as you prefer. Together with the introduction of a new function, a new one appeared in the game Easter eggs associated with Buddy, which will help you to put a pikachu on the shoulder of your coach, just like in the first series of the animated series “Pokemon”. Now we will try to tell you more about how to do this Easter egg. Пасхалка о том как посадить пикачу на плечо тренера Pokemon GO So first you need to get Pikachu, about how to do this, we have already written in this article, if you already have Pikachu, then everything is much easier!
  • Go to your coach’s menu by clicking on your character’s avatar in the bottom left of the screen.
  • After that, open the menu and select Buddy.
  • In the opened tab you will have a list of all Pokemon that are currently in your storage, find there Pikachu and select it.
After you put a pikachu next to your coach - go outside to take care of the distance, you need to walk 10 km with your pokemon so that he later jumps on your shoulder for a rest, after the distance you have gone your pikachu will stay with you forever. Moreover, for each kilometer passed you will receive sweets. Read more about the Buddy system.
If you completed the Easter eggs correctly (10 km went along with pikachu), your coach avatar screen will look like this: Pikachu on the shoulders of a coach in Pokemon GO