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The town of Normal's ban will go into effect Friday at 2 p.m. The ban is in place so plow crews can clear the entire street including parking areas.The police department may ticket your vehicle if you're on the street. An Illinois judge has dismissed a challenge to HB40, which is a new state law that would expand abortion coverage to Medicaid and state-employee group health insurance recipients.Internet Explorer users please note compatibility mode may disable display of the live player.

At this time we cannot run anything because no credit card, no lottery, everything is just shut off completely," he said. Peoria specifically has 1,800 guests that visited the area, which was 118% increase from 2016.

Medical Doctor John Hafner with OSF Saint Francis said these medical issues need to be taken...

Additional snowfall on Friday made driving in and around Central Illinois hazardous and dangerous in many areas.

"I think there is just a lot of uncertainty with the tax code and people are trying to prepay ...

Parents of children with autism and other special needs can often find themselves challenged to find things to do with their children, especially this time of year.

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The Associate Circuit judge presiding over the case, Jennifer Ascher ruled that the judiciary should not intervene in "political questions" in the General Assembly. About 500 people showed up at the Peoria County Courthouse on Wednesday.

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