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I definitely love the idea that I could become a sort Champollion of Franco-British dating.The truth is that when you ask a French girl out, her answer will not mean what it is supposed to mean. When asking.....' Do you want to have a drink / go to the cinema with me?- Then a small (but polite) chat is welcome so that she does not get the impression you think she's "easy" – the ultimate shame for every French girl -.In this connection, compliments are much appreciated, if not not over the top. Do you expect everything to be handed to you on a plate? it's up to you), French girls are not really keen to define their relationship precisely.French ones actually consider that the more the guy phones, the better. French girls tend to love British boys, especially the City banker style who wears a tie and carries a leather briefcase. Other grounds for being confident : French girls think your atrocious accent is cute. The fact is that French girls won't be up for having sex on the first date. .I find french girls quite dirty, even these who looks very posh.So don't hesitate to max out on your calling credit: it just means you care about her. Even if you speak just the slightest bit of French, you get extra brownie points. They are definitely afraid of being considered "sluts". (I am posh myself though ) they dont wash them self wear expensive clothes.

I was visiting the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum when I had this idea : if (British) men are from Mars, and (French) Women are from Venus, would it not be my duty to act as translator ?

If you haven't already read it, she manages to puts a positive spin on our "traits".

Whereas we were once sleazy, we are now "not afraid of PDAs", we have gone from being chauvinistic to chivalrous...

' You have no choice : you must be charming and chivalrous.

In London, I am always surprised by the look of utter amazement on girls faces as I hold the door for them, or carry their luggage.

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In France, courtship is a must, you can't behave boorishly.