Love saratov msvoelenadating

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Love saratov msvoelenadating

Saratov is a big developing culture, economic and educational canter.

It is known for its magical architecture, museums, galleries and parks.

Saratov possesses six institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 21 research institutes, 19 project institutes, as well as the Saratov State University, the Saratov State Socio-Economic University, the Saratov State Technical University and many scientific and technological laboratories attached to some of the city's large industrial enterprises.

Historians generally consider Ukek, a medieval outpost of the Golden Horde, as the likely ancestor to today's Saratov.

According to legend, Gelonus, a Scythian city that was the northernmost colony of the Greeks, was thought to have been sited near the present-day city.

Gelonus is mentioned in the Sixth Book of the Histories of Herodotus, according to which the city was burnt to the ground by the Persian Emperor Darius in 512 BCE.

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This was due to the presence of a vital military aircraft manufacturing facility in the city.

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