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Maci bookout dating gary shirley

And, Amber is once again standing by him, in spite of his irresponsible past and the dark claims hurled his way.

The reality star took to Twitter to slam Simon's story, writing: ] Tags: alcohol, amber portwood, celebrity feuds, controversy, disgusting!

Since then, Portwood and Glennon have been splitting their time between his home on the west coast and her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, where her daughter Leah resides.

As fans well know, Portwood shares her nine-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

Season 8 reunion special and during the show, the two women will discuss their ex-boyfriend’s alleged struggles with drug abuse.Jennifer reportedly works in Las Vegas as a waitress and is said to be a single mother.As for the nature of her relationship with Matt Baier, who has been married three times, The Ashley wasn't sure when their romance began but noted that they have been living at the same address for at least a few months."I just feel like when I come to pick Bentley up, you and Ryan sit on the couch and don't speak to me.I've been patient and it's just gotten nowhere.""I understand completely, and I told Ryan and his family that I would always respect him.

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Bookout appeared with her baby's father, Ryan Edwards, his girlfriend Dalis, and Bookout's current boyfriend Kyle King.