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Mind control dating

Confide in someone, such as a parent, trusted adult, health provider, or friend.

Let them support you and help you end the relationship and stay safe.

The first step in getting out of an abusive relationship is to realize that you have the right to be treated with respect and not be physically or emotionally harmed by another person. ." is a warning of possible abuse, and a sign that your partner is trying to manipulate you.

Then this video-based curriculum, disguised as fun dates, will help you help couples decide if they should take the next step toward marriage.

You can also use this book as homework assignments for your parish marriage prep or mentoring couples, or combine them with the video date launches for the greatest impact.

Be attentive to ways you may still need to grow in maturity, self-control, or other virtues.

Seek advice from trusted family members and friends about your relationship and what strengths or potential concerns they may see.

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