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The British used Bengali settlers in Burma to administer the Rakhine State on behalf of British interests.

Since that time, they have been periodically committing massacres against the indigenous Buddhist population of Burma’s Rakhine State region.

Since independence, Myanmar’s Rakhine State’s Muslim population has become the majority and Buddhists have suffered persecution; temples are often attacked and burned.

Rapes of local Buddhist women by Muslim men are regularly reported. The Islamist violence against Buddhists in Rakhine State is often followed by brutal attacks on Muslims in areas of the country where they are a minority.

There is sufficient reason to believe that the Rohingya terrorist groups are being armed and trained in Bangladesh.

The above-mentioned author was told in Bangladesh ” It is an open secret that the Rohingya have access to small arms”.

Despite thousands of serious allegations of rape, pillage and mass murder committed by these Bengali immigrants in Myanmar, human rights groups and the ‘international community’ have blamed all the violence on the Burmese authorities.

Who are the Rohingya and why have they now become the focus of international attention?

Bangladesh/Myanmar border tension The alleged training being provided by the Bangladeshi military to Rohingya terrorists is one of the factors fueling conflict between Myanmar and Bangladesh, where border tensions have escalated recently.The Rohingya refugee story is a gigantic psyops which is intended to manipulate the emotions of ignorant mass media consumers, who do not understand the history and complex geopolitical context of Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal.With a population of 160 million, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.Why has the position of the Burmese authorities been ignored or dismissed? The term ‘Rohingya’ is a word of Bengali etymology which means Arakan. Leider, director of the French School for Asian Studies in Thailand, and an expert on Rakhine State history, puts the oft-quoted name into context: “Rohingya is a name, not an ethnic category, that has been revived in modern days to identify Muslims in Rakhine as a separate social group.What geopolitical objectives could be behind an attempt to destabilise the country, as Burmese authorities have alleged? A ‘Rohinga’ is simply an Arakan Muslim, a Muslim of Rakhine State, the Western province of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. One may eventually compare it with the name of the Chinese Muslims in Myanmar who are called ‘Panthay’.” In the 19th century, the British Raj brought in Bengalis to work for the predominantly Buddhist Rakhine State colony in Western Burma.

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