Nexus dating uk

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Nexus dating uk

printed this story on May 11, 1986, but the story was withheld from the American media.This kind of information seldom reaches the general public in my country.Blood is "alive": it cannot be sterilised or rendered antiseptic.There are countless transfusion horror stories dating back many decades, but we rarely ever hear about them.There's no proof offered publicly as to whether HIV resulted from a naturally occurring recombination event, but the sophistication of this virus and some documented government requests for the creation of a similar biological weapon suggest otherwise.However, a study generated at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO) and then suppressed, linking African AIDS to the WHO vaccination campaigns against smallpox, polio and other diseases, theorised that viral vaccines "activated" dormant viruses, so this is a possibility supporting natural recombinationunless HIV was intentionally added to certain vaccines.The same thing happened when one of the most horrific scientific "errors" ever made was hushed up.It involved "He La cells"the most aggressive cancer cell cultures ever knownwhich made their way into science labs all over the world for research and then contaminated many cell cultures used for vaccinesby accident.

It's not a religious issue, but rather an occupational hazard.Diluted seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as blood plasma, and its sodium content matches that of blood.It has been used successfully in animal tests as a blood transfusion substitute, but human trials are long overdue.SV-40 became a well-documented but unpublicised contaminant in polio vaccines (made with the use of monkey kidney-cell cultures) when it was given in 1955 to 1963 to 95 million unsuspecting recipients.The first official claim was that SV-40 viruses "do not have any significance in the safety or efficacy of polio vaccines"; but when the virus was first tested on guinea pigs after its discovery, the animals developed salivary gland tumours and immune deficiency symptoms. Deadly pancreatic cancer has since become epidemic in numbers.

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