Niantic changed it all: new wave of EX raid passes and Rayquaza raid tests


you have probably heard it by now, but another wave of EX Raid invites has gone out, not following any schedule or rhyme or reason. In addition, it seems that the new wave uses S13, not S10 or S12, cells as previous raids before it.

The new EX Raid is scheduled to take place on February 18th, which (more or less) denies every notion of a raid schedule that we’ve observed and shared before.

Even yours truly, the author of many Hub’s articles and guides, has managed to snatch an invite, making it the second time he’s invited for an EX raid, in a cell whose triggering was attempted for the last batch of invites:

There’s now 35 minutes left before the next wave of Gen III Pokemon is to be released, and players from Washington are already reporting (and confirming) that a test Tier 5 Rayquaza EX raid has taken place there:

Rayquaza follows the well established formula for Tier 5 raid bosses and our raid guide is already up and running: Rayquaza Raid Boss Guide: counters and IV Chart.

We’re not sure how to react, honestly. Over the course of 5 days, Niantic has announced a new mini event at Unibail-Rodamco shopping malls, a new wave of Pokemon, a series of new raid bosses and shake-ups in the egg pool. Combined with the recent changes to the EX system, this changes everything we’ve known and researched so far.

If you ask us, be ready for a crazy roller coaster ride in the next 1-2 hours, as there’s going to be a lot of new information and changes to Pokemon GO.

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