Niantic Support: Ho-Oh raids will be extended


a GO Hub reader named “liqdi” (real name redacted) tipped us of about a response e-mail he received from Niantic Support. In the e-mail, Niantic Support has shared that the Ho-Oh legendary raids will be extended for a while.

“In addition, we’ll also be extending the deadline for catching Ho-Oh. There will be more information coming soon. For updates on this issues, follow us on Twitter.”

Brian, a Niantic support representative that confirmed the extension with the above quoted statement, did not disclose the new end date. The following screenshot was provided as confirmation (liqdi’s details redacted in order to protect reader identity):

Click for large version, the text is otherwise hard to read

Around the same time we’ve received this e-mail (an hour before the publication of this article), a thread popped up on reddit, sharing a similar response given by a different Support Representative (called Jerry):

Same e-mail, different support agent

This comes as no surprise, given how many raid pass losses and failed raid captures have been reported recently. Niantic has managed to fix the issues with Ho-Oh raids over the weekend, however, hundreds of Trainers still lost their Raid Passes in vain.

For those who are not aware, the Ho-Oh raids were suffering from a number of issues that prevented players from capturing Ho-Oh or joining the raid after their Raid Pass was consumed.

The issues were so severe that Niantic even had to acknowledge them on December 2nd:

What does this mean for the Generation III release date?

It’s no secret that Generation III is expected to be released soon and a number of players predicted that Gen III release date would be December 12th, after Ho-Oh raids stop appearing.

Although this theory is plausible, it was never confirmed by Niantic nor our own data mining efforts. The truth is, nobody outside Niantic knows if Ho-Oh and Gen III release dates are connected in any way.

Our advice on the matter is to keep your hype in check, enjoy the Ho-Oh raids while they last and keep on reading about Generation III while we wait.

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