Obama dating white women

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Obama dating white women

This is what I wanted for her but these photos of Malia and her college crush make me worry. It's because she's dating a kid who seems like he's a Grade A douchebag.Not only does he have a severe case of douche face, he's also a rich white guy who is the son of an investment banker and second cousins with one of the Queen’s most trusted aides.The only solace I take in this situation is that this guy wouldn’t make it through one dinner with Barack and Michelle.If this makes it past the hookup phase to the dinner-with-the-parents stage, I trust that America's Mom and Dad have it handled.If anyone gets hurt in this equation, I really hope it’s Rory Farquharson.I also worry about how mortified Malia will be when she's my age and every guy she's ever dated has been dissected by strangers on the Internet.This kid is a walking embodiment of white privilege.Sure, Malia's parents are also a bit successful or whatever but we know their values. I doubt she’s thinking about settling down with “a total Steff” (that reference was brought to you by Elaine Lui). This guy is probably just the first of a long line of douches Malia will be kissing during her college years.

She is reportedly dating a fellow Harvard student named Rory Farquharson. I want to be on Team Malia here and just yell “yaasss girl” at the fact that she’s getting some at a football game like a regular 19 year old college student but I just can’t get on board.(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in Illinois, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama wave to the crowd at the Democratic National Convention at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts, Tuesday, July 27, 2004. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) US Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Senator Barack Obama and wife Michelle cast their votes in the 2008 presidential elections in Chicago, Illinois, November 4, 2008. Barack Obama (D-IL) (L) kisses his wife Michelle Obama laugh at the end of the Town Hall Presidential Debate at Belmont University's Curb Event Center October 7, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee.(Photo by Jim Rogash/Wire Image) President elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle wave to their supporters after Obama gave his victory speech during an election night gathering in Grant Park on November 4, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. John Mc Cain (R-AZ) by a wide margin in the election to become the first African-American U. (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images) Democratic presidential nominee U. Tonight's debate is the second presidential debate of three, the only one being held in the town hall style with questions coming from audience members.(Photo by Charles Dharapak-Pool/Getty Images) US Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle embrace during an election day speech at the end of the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, Minnesota, on June 3, 2008.(EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images) Democratic presidential candidate Sen.

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), it's about the daughter of the president of the United States going off to college and struggling to live and date like a regular person.