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(Even Motorizer, which isn't very good.) his CD features the earliest Motorhead material, as recorded in 1975 by Lemmy, drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Mc Gillicudy (his name isn't actually Mc Gillicudy - I'll look it up and let you know what it is later) and Pink Fairies guitarist Larry Wallis.

The songs are good, but the mix is just hideous, as if it were recorded inside a big metal box.

Motorgeekier note: I read that they didn't have a proper guitar amp during session and had to overdrive the guitar signal using the mixing board input volumes. The songs "motorhead" & "lost johnny" also each appear on Hawkwind albums.

Regardless, the LP wasn't released until four years later, by which point more rockin' versions of most of the tunes had long been available on the official Motorhead debut, reviewed below! Just like Mick, Elizabeth, John, Kiley, Rip, Andy and Phil "Philthy Animal" Mc Gillicudy.Also, there's something distinctly "Motorhead" missing from the presentation.The guitar is too traditionally bluesy, like Cream - not metal enough.1/8/2014 I’ve turned comments back on for this post but don’t be shocked if I don’t respond and don’t be shocked if I do…I at one point closed it because I was getting so many emails every day it was overwhelming but it’s been a year so things have cooled down so I’m turning it back on…

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