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The command for Utnapishtim to build the boat is remarkable: "O man of Shuruppak, son of Ubar-Tutu, tear down thy house, build a ship; abandon wealth, seek after life; scorn possessions, save thy life.Bring up the seed of all kinds of living things into the ship which thou shalt build.The main figure is Gilgamesh, who actually may have been an historical person.

Conclusions From the early days of the comparative study of these two flood accounts, it has been generally agreed that there is an obvious relationship.

After one fight, this nemesis—Enkidu—became best friends with Gilgamesh.

The two set off to win fame by going on many dangerous adventures in which Enkidu is eventually killed.

While there are differences between the original Sumerian and later Babylonian and Assyrian flood accounts, many of the similarities are strikingly close to the Genesis flood account.

It was also the first discovered, making it the most studied of the early flood accounts.

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Gilgamesh wrote on tablets of stone all that he had done, including building the city walls of Uruk and its temple for Eanna.