Personality test with dating

Posted by / 06-Aug-2019 21:46

Probably, you feel shame and self-disgust a bit too much.

But when you do feel in your element, you act with a wisdom and sensitivity never found in people with thicker skins.

For Rationality: One part of you dreams of giving yourself up – perhaps just for a while – to a hero or mentor.

In the right circumstances you can flourish by letting go of your ego.

Oddly, it is actually your ability to endure feeling unheroic that counts.

You know the power of working away solidly on what’s in front of you.

You know the value of selective irresponsibility, of forgetting occasionally about being ‘good’.In your inner life, reverence plays out as a willing submission to your own conscience.In the outside world, you might get frustrated searching for something worth believing in – a country, a person, a company – but you will always be open to feeling respect, admiration and wonder.For Shyness: One part of your character is anger in all its forms: frustration, outrage – and when anger is suppressed – bitterness, grumpiness, and bodily aches.Fundamentally, frustration comes from hope: you get upset because you expect your life will be more than a valley of tears.

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