PidgeyCalc updated and revamped for Gen III


the famous evolution planning tool PidgeyCalc has been completely rewritten and updated for the upcoming Gen III release. Aside from the usual mass evolution suspects, PidgeyCalc now features Wurmple and Whismur as auto suggested evolution fodder.

The core experience is still the same as before, but the updated UI now enables faster navigation and checking which Pokémon you have evolved. As big fans of PidgeyCalc, we are quite enjoying this — well done @bchn!

You can configure the following options in the configuration menu:

  • Transfer after evolving
  • Double transfer candies
  • Double evolution candies
  • Double XP
  • Evolution time
  • New Pokédex entries

You’re probably wondering where does PidgeyCalc get it’s candy info from? Well, in case you don’t remember, a full set of Generation III buddy distances (temporary) and candy evolution requirements (likely final) was added to the Game_Master file on October 19, 2017. We’ve documented all of the evolution requirements from the Game Master file on our Generation 3 Evolution Chart page.

Compared to Gen I and II, almost nothing changed in terms of evolution candy requirements and family size:

  • 2 stage evolution lines cost 50 Candy, with the exception of the Feebas line
  • 3 stage evolution lines cost 25 + 100 Candy, with the exception of Wurmple and Whismur lines
  • All split evolution lines cost 50 Candy, including Nincada to Ninjask / Shedinja

As hinted above, Niantic did manage to surprise us with a few evolution lines:

In any case, head over to and see what’s new for yourself. We, for one, are looking forward to our first Gen III evolution spam! Bring on the Whissssssmurs!

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