Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Sentosa!

Trainers, Niantic has announced yet another Safari Zone, this time finding its home in Sentosa, an island off Singapore known for being a beautiful resort with plenty of fun activities to do.

Safari Zone Sentosa is a five-day long event taking place in Sentosa, Singapore from April 18th to April 22nd, 2019. Featured Pokémon include, based on the cover image, the regional Tropius, the usual Unown, Lapras, Shuckle, Dratini, and Alolan Exeggutor.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone at Sentosa
Start dateApr. 18, 2019 (Thursday)
End dateApr. 22 2019 (Monday)
  • Sentosa, Singapore
  • Time is to be determined
Registration required?Yes (Stay tuned for details)
Featured regional PokemonTropiusTropius
Featured PokemonUnownUnown
Exeggutor (Alola)Exeggutor (Alola)
Official websiteLink

As is usual with other Safari Zone events, there is no confirmed word on if there will be a shiny coming out with this Safari Zone, nor which one of the featured Pokémon it will be. Of all the ones shown, the likely candidates are Lapras, Shuckle, and Alolan Exeggutor. However, considering Lapras is a common occurence for these events, and Alolan Exeggutor merely fits the theme of the tropical resort, this writer’s best guess is that the meme itself Shuckle will see its blue shiny come to life. Only time will tell!

Safari Zone Sentosa FAQ

About event tickets

Tickets are not yet available, but will be used for entry, with more details to come in the following days and weeks. Typically, these tickets have the following qualities:

  • Limited to one day and for one trainer
  • Are required to see the event spawns, in the case regionals like Tropius, and Pokéstops
  • Allow access to the event area

For folks without tickets

If you did not receive a ticket to the Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Sentosa, don’t worry too much, as while you may miss out on some spawns and exclusive PokéStops of the event, the overall area will see a change in spawns and will be a good event even for those outside the location. Additionally, worldwide spawns typically have added in a shiny possible Pokémon, such as Psyduck, Wingull, Roselia, Plusle, and Minun, so for those in other parts of the world keep an eye out!

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