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Medals are achievements you earn when you accomplish a milestone in the game. Each medal corresponds to a certain achievement you’ve accomplished, like reaching a certain amount of distance you’ve walked, number of eggs you’ve hatched, number of Pokémon you’ve caught, and many others. You can see your medals when you select your Trainer in […]

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PokéCoins (or simply coins) are Pokémon GO in-game currency used to buy items in the in-game Shop. You can get them by buying them in the in-game Shop using real-world currency or collecting them when you’ve defended your Team’s gym. Cost of PokéCoins Amount USD EUR GBP CAD AUD 100 $0.99 €0.99 £0.79 $0.99 $0.99 550 […]

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Type Effectiveness

In Pokémon games, type effectiveness influences the damage of your Pokémon’s move, depending on the type of the attacking move, and the type(s) of the opposing Pokémon. Type effectiveness in Pokémon GO corresponds to a specific modifier, which can have a positive or negative impact to the overall damage of the move. It is similar […]

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Incubators in Pokémon Go are inventory items that allow for the hatching of eggs, which are received from Pokéstops and gyms in 2 kilometers, 5 kilometers, and 10 kilometers variants, via walking, biking, or traveling under the in-game speed limit of around 11.25 km/h (or around 7 mph). There are three types of Incubators in […]

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Вышло обновление Pokemon GO 0.51.0 Android и 1.21.0 для iOS

Сегодня 20 декабря состоялся официальный выход наверное уже последнего обновления игры Pokemon GO этого года, игра обновилась до версии 0.51.0 для Android устройств и версия 1.21.0 стала новой для пользователей платформ iOS, сейчас расскажем обо всех новинках подробнее. Что нового… Подробнее