Pokéstop vs Gym item drop rates: February 2018

As we’ll all aware, there are two ways to obtain items for free in Pokémon GO: spinning Pokéstops and spinning gyms. In order to get a rough idea on how gym and Pokéstop item rates look like, a redditor by the name of yakusokuN8 spun 123 gyms and 95 stops and noted every single item that dropped.

Surprisingly, it turns out that gyms and stops do not have the same item drop rates: gyms are more likely to drop potions and revives, while stops are more likely to drop various types of Pokéball. Here are the results, as collected by yakusoku:

Drops from PokéStops

ItemRaw number% of all drops
Regular Balls16052.5%
Great Ball5217.0%
Ultra Ball185.9%
Pinap Berry165.2%
Nanab Berry154.9%
Super Potion41.3%
Hyper Potion00%
Max Revive00%

Drops from gyms

ItemRaw Number% of all drops
Regular Ball21439.1%
Nanab Berry509.1%
Great Ball315.7%
Pinap Berry274.9%
Super Potion132.4%
Max Potion122.2%
Hyper Potion101.8%
Ultra Ball101.8%
Max Revive81.5%

Additionally, the higher your gym badge level is, the more items you get and therefore your spins are more likely to contain a revive. This was also observed by yakusoku, as he calculated the following “spins with revive” percentages:

Gym badge levelPercentage of spins
with a revive

Where does this leave us? Well, in order to stock up on revives, the best places to farm are areas with multiple gyms in close vicinity. As these numbers suggest:

  • Gyms are almost six times more likely to drop a Revive
  • With a Gold badge, almost every second spin will contain a Revive

Curiously, this research also illustrates how rarity can be a tricky thing to talk about. Ultra Balls for example, are 1.8% of gym drops and 5.9% of Pokéstop drops, which poses the question: are they rare or just uncommon?

In any case, let’s hope this helps you fight Revive shortages.

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