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(Periscope uses a similar geolocation map.) It looks like a map you would see in a movie about the spread of a virulent plague: Facebook hopes this disease is contagious.

(The map is essentially a home page for Facebook Live, which further illustrates just how poorly live video has yet been integrated into newsfeeds.

On a Tuesday afternoon, a thousand people might be watching “public figures”—that’s Facebook’s term—like Sean Stephenson, a therapist and motivational speaker with brittle bone disease, or Tom Cassel, a video gamer also known as The Syndicate Project, who has 9.75 million subscribers to his You Tube channel and 2.4 million followers on Twitch.

But the more common type of most-watched videos is either television or what feel like DVD extras from television. K.’s Channel 4 broadcast of the Prime Minister’s Question, the notoriously quippy weekly session when the PM answers questions from Parliament.

On smart phones, where users would go to post a status update, they could now select “live video” and immediately begin broadcasting themselves.

In March, Facebook tweaked its algorithm to promote live videos.

It’s fascinating to click around and see so many people, using so many languages, going about their lives.

On the left side of the map is a list of the most-watched videos currently on Facebook Live.

On a Monday morning, that might include 9,000 people watching a South Asian actress read through her comments, a couple thousand people watching a recap conversation, a prayer circle, and a feed from the Yale graduation.

By the end, they were almost flinching every time they placed a band, as though something more dramatic were about to happen than a mushroom cloud of watermelon guts.

The video was also perfectly on brand for To get a sense of what regular people are doing on Facebook Live, you can go to the Facebook Live Map, a map of the world scattered with blue dots that each represent someone using the service.

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You see people driving around, sitting in class, watching their children play, getting a tattoo, doing yoga, driving around some more.

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