Raid Rewards And Their Uses

After successfully defeating a raid boss, each trainer is awarded the following:

  • 500 Stardust,
  • experience
  • an assortment items of which some are common and some are exclusive to raids.

Stardust rewards are fixed and awarded regardless of you winning or losing the raid. This is only given out once per raid, so it is impossible to “burn raid passes” in exchange for Stardust.

Raid XP Rewards
Level 13,000 XP
Level 23,500 XP
Level 34,000 XP
Level 45,000 XP
Level 510,000 XP

Raid rewards include the following items:

Raid Reward Items
Premier BallSpecial pokeballs used to catch a pokemon after defeating it in the raid battle. (Only usable during the catch phase after a raid and do NOT carry over to subsequent raids)
ReviveRevives a fainted pokemon with half of its max HP.
Super PotionRestores 50 HP.
Hyper PotionRestores 200 HP.
Golden Razz BerryGreatly increases your chances of catching a wild pokemon. Can also be fed to a pokemon in a gym to fully replenish its motivation. (Only obtainable via raids)
Rare CandyWhen used on a pokemon, turns into one candy for that pokemon. (Only obtainable via raids)
Fast TMRe-rolls the fast (quick) move of a pokemon. (Only obtainable via raids)
Charged TMRe-rolls the charged move of a pokemon. (Only obtainable via raids)

Although currently pending further research, this is the way Raid Rewards are believed to be distributed:

  • Raid Reward items are distributed via Item bundles, as in packages of the same reward. Your performance in raids unlocks a higher number of bundles.
  • Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candy, Revives, Super Potions, and Hyper Potions come in bundles of 3. Fast TMs and Charged TMs come in bundles of 1.
  • You are guaranteed a bundle Golden Razz Berries. You are also awarded additional bundles, however until further research is done the number of bonus bundles and the formula for how they are distributed is unknown.

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