Rainie yang and jiro wang dating

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It's like he doesn't have express that whole range of emotions, he is very peaceful.

I really wanna see what he looks like when he's angry!

' But in the end he said: 'You don't have to expose me, the whole world already knows.' Even though I was unsuccessul in exposing him, I think that it's good that he doesn't deny it, after all he's not doing anything bad!

"Also, Da Dong gets along very well with others; I haven't had the chance to see him get angry.

I was going to say, if we were to NG then the plan would be ruined so there was a lot of pressure on me!

In the end when we were filming for real, I really used my left hand to slap him and once the director yelled cut, Da Dong very cutely asked, 'How come you used your left hand?

' So I think the director was very smart, testing my reaction but also capturing Da Dong's natural side."Rainie: "In this drama, I pretty much don't wear make-up and I'm always wearing a wig.

Later, the director yelled 'Cut' but Da Dong couldn't stop crying. After yelling 'Cut' he still couldn't stop, I was completely shocked.

Talking about her ideal lover, Rainie says that house guys are no problem because she quite likes to stay at home herself.

She even said that they were good because they won't go out to get to know other girls and muck around.

Rainie: "There was one crying scene that left me very surprised because Da Dong kept saying that he couldn't do crying scenes.

There was one scene where his mother cooks a bowl of noodles for him; Da Dong sees the letter his mother has written for him and then sits there crying.

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I love to spend time on the sofa at home then play with my dog.

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