Risky and cali dating

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Risky and cali dating

The lucky lass next gets laid face-down on the stretching rack. That's probably punishment for wearing her panties underneath her garter. He then pulls the crotch panel of her panties aside and beckons the camera to come in for an ultra close-up of Lori's pleasure portal.Leather straps around her neck, chest, and waist keep her upper body glued to the rack. Cut to Lori face-up on the rack, her legs tied high and wide.When she pulls her wrists down, the dildo goes up to her pussy. Grade: A Karen Arthur is next up, wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and what looks like the same maroon wrap-around skirt Montgomery was just wearing. After taking care of the finances, a curious piece of editing shows Karen putting her skirt back on, getting her videotape, shaking hands with Cole, then leaving.This is a short scene, but it seems that Sharon took what advantage she could of the setup. She is tied in a three-point Flying Wallenda, the fourth leg left on the ground. Her squirming tugs at the rope, digging into and rubbing pretty tightly against her pussy. Anyway, Karen is shown sitting on an empty spool of cable, in only her blouse and panties.Her wrists are handcuffed to a low-lying pipe, and a metal collar around her neck is chained to the wall. Dissolve to Karen tied AOH to an overhead pipe, ankles handcuffed together, her stunning figure on full display after Cole opens up the front of her blouse. Out comes the flogger and Karen gets a heavy dose of Cole's best.Break to the same pose, but with her ankles tied a few feet apart. Her panties get scrunched up for a little cunt-busting. The clamps come off, and Karen is turned around so we can see her butt get flogged. In the final pose, Karen is tied with her legs up in the air, ankles together, but her shoulders are still on the ground.She's on a chair, with her ankles tied to the front legs, her arms tied behind her strappado.

Adult entertainment is the most powerful thing in the world.

In each episode, the premise is that the model has hired "Matthew Cole: Punishment by Appointment Only" to put herself, wearing only lacy underwear, in strenuous bondage. He also shows her the Penis Pole, a suspended spreader bar, and a St.

Andrews cross, all of which she thinks would be just fine. Next the eager beaver is put into an inverted spread-eagle, featuring a snug crotch strap.

Another scene or two of suffering would have been nice.

But the movie has extremely high production values.... I am always curious about the money end of movies such as ISOYG2.

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Why is there not a single bondage producer today who understands what this film gets right and takes it to the next level?

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