Royal dating patterns

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Royal dating patterns

"Perhaps they're super confident, controlling, free spirited, fun, adventurous.Despite knowing that certain types just don’t work with our personality we somehow end up with them regardless." By looking back at all your partners, Jennifer says you should be able to identify any patterns.But settling for second eats away at who we are at our core," she says."If we know deep down that the person we're with is not someone we really want to be with then, hard as it can be, letting them go can be a kinder action for both of you in the long term."Start asking yourself how can make life amazing - on your own - until the right person comes along.People play games by not texting each other, not committing and being open about if and when they want to see a person again, to name a few ways," she says."It all adds up to feeling played and can leave you feeling vulnerable and ungrounded." Before you join in with the game playing, stop and think, 'when will it end?

"Knowing the type of person you tend to fall for starts helping you figure out if they are a healthy person for you," she adds.' "There'll always be a part of us wondering if the game playing helped us get the person and without them it's just us - will we be enough?Be confident in who you are and what is important to you.Jennifer says, "If you find you end up merging with partners’ hopes and dreams and forgetting who you are in the process, keeping certain parts of you hidden, becoming insecure, clingy or distant, now is the time to start addressing this."She explains that while change of kind is inevitable when we meet and spend time with new people, knowing who you are at your core, what your hopes and dreams are and why you’re a great catch just as you are, will help you stay true to you when you're dating someone. "This often happens with Internet dating," Jennifer explains."Write down your dreams, your values, your fab bits, (what you consider to be) your not-so fab bits and start creating a picture for you to look back over to remind you of what you are like at your core, so that when relationships come along you don’t forget who you are," Jennifer suggests. "Whatever channel you use, online dating can be crazily addictive and suddenly you can find all your time is spent searching, swiping and messaging.

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Our beliefs about life, relationships, finding love etc, often go unchallenged and we’re unaware of them.

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