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Same zodiac sign dating

You'll feel good about yourself, and it will bring out one of your best qualities: compassion.As artists at heart, the perfect date for a Libra would be an outing to a new art exhibit in your city.

From finances to fashion to romance, your astrological sign can tell you a lot about yourself.If you're feeling extra feisty, play a game of pickup basketball or frisbee to get the competitive juices flowing. Taureans (like yours truly) like to live a bit of a luxe life: Things like fine dining and shopping greatly appeal to the bulls of the zodiac.Though fun, cheap dates are always good (because most people have this thing called a budget), a Taurus will be most satisfied if they feel pampered on a date.Try finding a part of your city with lots of unique restaurants, then take a 'sampling tour' of the different cuisines, making notes of your faves.Sagittarians also love learning, so hitting up a museum or taking a class together is also a guaranteed recipe for a successful date.

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