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Sdsu speed dating

What if I told you that having low emotional intelligence is part of why you’re so lonely?

Or maybe I might tell you that the more emotionally intelligent you are, the more likely you are to get laid? Here’s the truth about understanding our emotions: the more men are disconnected from how we feel, the harder it is for us to connect with others.

Hell, that GIF may be mostly for jokes, but the “emotions ‘r’ bad” meme even infects Star Wars.

Feeling too much causes you to fall to the Dark Side after all.

Call it part of the toxic masculinity package; when things like “having feelings” are treated as a weakness, men are taught to bottle them up and pretend they don’t exist. After all, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “get in touch with your emotions”?

For 29 years, he worked with Stern Oil Company of Freeman, including 14 years as vice president and general manager.

Emotion – so we’re taught – gets in the way of rational thinking and logic.

It’s become part of the online discourse; show any signs of an emotional reaction and clearly you’ve ceded the high ground.

For the past four years, Scott has worked a district sales manager for Petro-Canada America, a division of Suncor Energy.

During his years in Freeman, Scott served two stints on the city council and took leadership roles in the Freeman Chamber of Commerce and the Freeman Economic Development Corporation.

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His commitment to in-state businesses, prospective companies, and job growth makes him South Dakota’s No. During his first legislative session as Governor, he successfully led the effort to balance the budget without increasing taxes or using state reserve funds.

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