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Seeing them make their way to the public in Alien Archive was exciting!

*Any developer or designer not included in this blog was far too busy to contribute to this blog I sprung on them. Logan Bonner (Designer) Most of my stuff that came out in 2017 feels like I worked on it a million years ago.then we checked the reporting data for a Season 7 scenario and saw that participants had overwhelmingly chosen exactly that.Thus began , a delightful and heavenly story that brought out the plane's potential in a compelling way with compelling characters. Just as some factions are struggling with leadership or learning to flex their muscles in new ways, others are tackling an internal threat that threatens to destroy the organization entirely.Ever since The Confirmation, no season's been complete without a new replayable (aka evergreen) scenario.Last year we published the first replayable adventure above 1st level, and we knew that this year we wanted to provide a similarly compelling mid-level experience.

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Every year goes by so quickly, yet every year I end up looking back and realizing just how long it's been—and how much we've accomplished—since January. All the work that went into getting Starfinder Society going, we've been keeping busy bringing you more stories, adventures, art, and memories in Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

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