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Sexual assault may range from verbal obscenities to rape. Sexual assault is a crime of violence because the victim is subjected to the aggression of the assailant. The feelings associated with sexual assault are disgust, shame, humiliation and powerlessness.It not only violates someone physically but may also affect a person’s sense of safety and ability to control their own life.Simple Sexual Assault is found in section 271 (1) of the Criminal Code.It is considered to be any attack of a sexual nature (i.e.Incest is a type of sexual assault in which the perpetrator is a parent, sibling, or any other family member.This list also includes step-parents, common-law partners, boyfriends of relatives, etc.

It is a sexual assault in which the victim is wounded, maimed, disfigured, brutally beaten, or in danger of losing her/his life.

In many cases of sexual assault, the offender is dating the victim/survivor when the assault(s) occur. In other cases the offender is someone known to the victim/survivor. These crimes tend to be ignored, denied or not treated as seriously as other sexual assaults because the offender is known by the victim/survivor.

Stranger Rape involves being attacked and sexually assaulted by someone you do not know.

Gang Rape is being sexually assaulted by more than one person during the assault.

This type of sexual assault is most common on university campuses.

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It also includes sexual assaults in which the assailant threatens to harm, or actually causes harm, to a third person.