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We put up our yard signs outside the library and followed the cadets to chapel.

The cadets are mostly from Republican homes and have had difficulty in school.

I walked the neighborhoods with Erin, Stephanie’s sister and Erin’s husband.

It was their first time canvassing, but Erin found a connection with nearly everyone we spoke to, friends from school, someone who had played baseball with her husband.

The Deputy Director of the Air Force Office of Sexual Assault Prevention resigned last year when it emerged that he had said, in the presence of Air Force staff, that it was women’s work to “shop and eat bonbons”.

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They want to cut a meandering path through the park, where children can go to read about the history of civil rights.

“If they won’t teach it in school, we will teach it here.” With so many critical Virginia races on the ballot November 7th, I drove down to Rocky Mount in Franklin County to knock on doors for , a teacher running for House of Delegates.

You won’t know until you get there.” I told them that I was concerned about military women facing sexual assault. I said I would join other women in Congress to fight for legislation to take the responsibility for disciplinary action outside the chain of command. An Army prosecutor, in change of sexual assault investigations in the Southwest was charged by the military last month with putting a knife to the throat of a lawyer he was dating and raping her.

The Army confirmed to the Washington Post that eight other soldiers and civilians trained to help victims have been investigated in the past year for sexual assault.

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