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Sex dating in sunnydale washington

But when she shows up in the middle of a random Tuesday two years later will they discover that it's their chance or that love isn't always lazy Sundays reading books?

(title from Clash song)Almost a decade after the disastrous kiss at Truncheon, Luke & Lorelei are married.

Gilmore Girls - Rory/Jess; Luke/Lorelai Librarians - Jake/Cassie Veronica Mars - Veronica/Logan; Mac/Dick Leverage - Eliot/Parker; Nate/Sophie White Collar - Neal/Sara X-Men - Rogue/Logan Lethal Weapon - Riggs/Cahill Gilmore Girls; Librarians; Timeless; Leverage; romance; rom-coms; comedy; YA novels; sci-fi; fairytales; classic rock; rock; punk; pop-punk; country rock; cupcakes; AO3; DVD boxsets; superheroes; Marvel's Avengers/MCU; Chuck; Jane Austen; snark; sarcasm; irony; Amazon; Barenaked Ladies; crossovers; bad boys; cowboys; surprising plot twists; Matt Bomer; Hugh Jackman; my fellow geeks/nerds; X-Men; snow; unlikely pairings; Star Wars; musicals; blankets; Literati; Christian Kane; Nathan Fillion; Milo Ventimiglia; kickass characters/people; Joey Ramone; high school movies; cookies; Joss Whedon; The Brat Pack; Zach Levi; baking; Disney; period dramas; power ballads; jigsaw puzzles; Laura Ingalls Wilder; Cheap Trick; The Ramones; magic; love stories; soundtrack albums; Def Leppard; chocolate; ice-cream; Summer; pizza; good dialogue; clever lyrics; sunshine days; Twitter; Firefly; Veronica Mars; White Collarstupidity; intolerance of different opinions/beliefs; sport of any kind; most vegetables; most slash fic; PWP fic; bad spelling and grammar; flames; bad manners; time wasting; illness; OOC; people who can't distinguish fact from opinion; hip hop & rap music; constant swearing/cursing; sparkly vampires; Facebook; liars Note - if you like my dislikes or dislike my likes, that is totally cool.

D., White Collar, X-Men: The Movie, Librarians, 2014, Lethal Weapon, Crossfire Trail, and Secondhand Lions.

Very much AU/magical realism, similar set up to "Peggy Sue Got Married," an old 80's movie. Their entire lives had been built on accidental pregnancies, surely it happening on purpose would be a breeze. Rory is leaving for a fortnight, but Jess doesn't seem to notice. 'Nothing felt possible until I met one bibliophilic, audiophilic girl. And what if Regina was slightly affected by the curse so that she didn't realized the daughter that Mr. Attempting not to let the team down Eliot tries to keep pushing himself past his limits.

Gold adopted as his own was the savior and right in front of her nose ? Seventeen-year old Rory has just arrived in Stars Hollow to stay with her Aunt Lorelai for a while.

She can't stand the town, but a certain dark-haired individual might make the otherwise torturous stay worthwhile. It's been years since Rory let herself think of Jess, but all it took was the sound of his voice to take her back to where it all started.

Gold remain as he is or will the beauty tame her beast? sheldon/penny, two-parter, complete, dedicated to arabian, sequel to Calling Bluffs Pre-series, just after Jayne is hired, and before Zoe and Wash figure it out. Like every good pirate, Jack wore a sizable collection of rings on his filthy fingers. Parker has some thoughts about Eliot, and maybe herself. Please review, this is my first attempt at these two together, and my first story in present tense style. Hope you like, : DSet just after Misfire Season 8 – Jackie’s world tumbles in on her when she realises it is really over for her and Hyde and seeks to escape how awful her reality has become. It's about life, fairytales, and the obstacles faced when trying to hang on to a transient relationship. Jackie Burkhart is having the worst day of her life when everyone forgets her birthday. Spike and Buffy's lives are turned upside down by an unexpected arrival from Spike's past. WIP This will be eventual Spuffyness, but it has to work up to it. Using a hidden skill no one knows she has, she will become Hyde's most badass fantasy ever and he won't even know it This takes place a few months after 'Dead Things' Spike and Buffy are still going at it with only Tara knowing.

Parker is a lot of things, but the first word most people would choose to describe her wouldn't be beautiful and maybe not even pretty, but Eliot has been finding himself looking at Parker in a different light recently... And like only the best pirates, each ring told a tale of a woman scorned and a prize gained. And to add to that, the guy of her dreams doesn't even notice her and some foreign kid just won't seem to leave her alone. I am still calling this Spuffy because that it what it ultimately is. I never would have come up with this crazy notion all on my own, y' know. She wants to help Buffy so she casts a spell with unexpected consequences. Please Set in the early days of the Junior Gazette, Spike convinces Lynda to try out for the school play.

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