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So we gave a lot of thought as to how we’d take them into the next phase, two years down the road.” Despite the resolution of the first film’s major plotlines, there remains plenty to say about these four women and the loves in their lives.

Producer John Melfi offers, “It’s exciting to go to the next chapter, to see what happens next.” As King began to reflect on how far the characters have come, and to explore where they might be after we last saw them two years ago, a theme began to emerge: tradition.

“When the first movie opened,” recalls writer/producer/director Michael Patrick King, “I would see lines of women at the theaters all dressed up as if they were going to a party, not just a movie.

It felt to me like they were excited to celebrate this special time with their girlfriends–both the ones in the seats and on the screen.

Miranda, a partner at a prestigious New York Law firm, has discovered that despite all her years to prove otherwise, there can be a glass ceiling for women who work.

Charlotte, who always dreamed of being the perfect mother to a loving family, now has the loving family and is discovering just how far out of her reach being the ‘perfect’ mother really is.

“Carrie has spent her career writing about being single, and for the first time she’s writing about a different topic, being married,” Parker observes.The outrageous and outspoken Samantha takes on the taboo of menopause and aging by fighting the idea that when a woman goes through the ‘change,’ she should have to change.” Still playing with their theme, the filmmakers found a way to amp up the level of fantasy in this film by taking the four friends on a vacation to one of today’s most exotic, sought-after locations in the world, a place at once completely modern and entirely traditional, the United Arab Emirates.Melfi notes, “In this movie, our characters get to experience a lifestyle that most of us could only dream about.“Carrie Bradshaw, the eternal single girl, now finds herself struggling with the title of wife.How does the title of ‘Mrs.’ affect a woman whose identity, not to mention career path as a writer, has been tied to the idea of being single?

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