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However, ENTJs will occasionally become overwhelmed by emotions.

They tend to suppress these bouts of sentiment, believing them to be weaknesses.

Specifically, they are most suitable with those who have strong Introverted Thinking functions, such as the INTP and the ISTP. INTPs provide ENTJs with unique ideas and a different approach to thinking.

High in intellectualism and low-maintenance in emotional needs, INTPs allow ENTJs to be themselves in a mutually respectful relationship.

They take on the responsibility of finding new ways to promote growth and learning.

Although Myers Briggs matchmaking is a popular concept, it does not accurately predict compatibility when used without Instincts.

These suppressed emotions may manifest as ill-founded value judgments at later times, or as them overly focusing on insignificant details.

ENTJs are not naturally aware of their partner's emotional needs, which can be a major problem, especially when paired with Feeling types.

Before a Relationship They are very visible to those around them due to their dominant presence and leadership.

Some people may find these traits attractive while others find it intimidating.

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