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dedicated much of his work around machine learning and artificial intelligence. But until today, we’ve resisted the adoption of artificial intelligence, even though it’s been completely possible. Or maybe it’s because the ones we’ve made aren’t mature enough to handle the complexity our human needs.Whatever the reason for avoiding artificial intelligence, we’ve overcome it.Messaging apps are the platforms of the future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services.” — Peter Rojas, Entrepreneur in Residence at Betaworks Messaging apps have become platforms with i Message, Facebook Messenger, Google Alo and many other messaging services providing their own app stores.For example, you can now download Evernote for i Message or shop right inside of Facebook Messenger. Aeden: Traveling to the Delos Destinations compound will be simple. If Delos made a Star Wars World, it could get you even more guests than an Old West town.There’s something to be said for accomplishing everything on your phone from one app, especially if it already knows what I want to accomplish.

These are usually the applications that save time or money (or both) and make life easier.”This has led to what can properly be defined as app fatigue.

Chatbots, apps that you interact with via a chat interface, are now among the of 2017. Just because there is an “app for that”, doesn’t mean that we’ll use it. Here’s the brutal new reality facing the app economy: people are abandoning downloaded apps more than ever.

According to a , “Close to a quarter of all downloaded apps were deleted after just one use.

In fact, so many companies will begin to build chatbots, that it may make apps and even websites completely obsolete over the next few years.

Because the front-end is so light-weight and there’s less friction to accessing information, bots will become faster than websites and apps, even customer service call centers. Chatbots can create such an intimate, personalized customer experience, that brands that don’t embrace the rise of chatbots might be left behind.

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In even the past 5–7 years, users have already grown tired of bouncing between too many apps or learning how to use a new interface after every new download.

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