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​-​You will be thoroughly trained in knowledge and safe working use of the chemicals and processes we work with.​-You will be provided with a full set of personal protective equipment and clothing, and this must be worn when necessary.However, we don’t restrict our Homeworkers and they are free to use their chosen suppliers outside of our own, offering them full freedom and flexibility bases on the needs of their customers.We offer a fully managed membership package, whereby we give you all the tools you need to set up, begin selling and start earning commission. You should be organized and be able to prioritize your workload 5.

Sometimes we might need you to work extra days and candidate will be paid extra.

​Nationality o​f staff​ ​required / Languages​ ​Required:​ ​​German ​or​ Polish​ ​Speaker​ preferred however as long as you speak English and have a​ ​​British/​EU passport​ your application will be considered.​ Start Date:​ ​​​April.​ Length of contract:​ ​​Seasonal.

​​Package Offered: ​Accommodation​ and ​meals​ are provided.​​ ​Flight home is provided at the end of the season.​ Interview ​Notes: Skype Interviews are accepted.

There will be 3 months’ probation period and once pass the period the salary will be increased to £17,000 depending on performance, by then, one year contract will be offered, we renew it every year.

Job Type: Full-time -------------------------------------------------------- Position 2: ​Service Operatives & Team Leader​ (​with full driver licence​)​ Location: We provide our services on a regular contracted basis to our clients, covering; ​-​Catering equipment, ​-​Canopies and extraction system ​-​Structural work. Our processes and use of chemicals makes our work more efficient but there is no escaping the need for ‘elbow grease’.

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