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I had some bad experience with women who wanted everything and gave nothing, so I quit the site; but later I got an email from a girl who seemed nice and I met up with her.

Later, she began playing mind-games so I ended it... The next week a detective showed up in my driveway and said that this same girl had sworn out a warrant for my supposedly assaulting her!

Said he was half French/half Italian and turned out his French side was Algerian.

He also said no to children on it and had one child in the city to another woman.

I wouldn't have minded that if I had liked him and he had been white,but for God's sake don't lie about it and say the opposite when you meet up. Okay, I didn't have one at first but put one on,and still got responses.

However,it makes me think they could be married or are hiding something.

She was dressed in a dirty sweatsuit and a beat to hell old toyota truck. Her hair was unkempt and frankly, I suspect that she'd gone a day or two without bathing. Imagine my surprise to discover that she was in fact five different ladies inhabiting one body! OKCupid is the only one that has kept my attention so far. Having said that, I'd say that 90% of the women on all of these sites are seriously damaged. Some are simply con artists and scammers playing the oldest game in the book.

Her excuse: "I picked up a few lbs and have been dpressed since my divorce 5 years ago." She stated that the photos were 6 or so years old. The best part was that the last personality smiled and said that her and all of the others agreed that I was the best guy they'd ever met and that they'd decided they had to spend the rest of thier lives with me. Psycho (multiple personalities, delusional, paranoia, etc.). In fact, I think I'll start a new thread - Online dating horror stories.....

After my breakup with my ex, I wanted to meet other girls so I went to "American Singles" or something similar.

Proof positive: this list of dispatches from the world’s It is important to note, this story was inspired by an email from one of these fellows, which followed a first date and closed with: "and lastly, the only reason i didn't try to fuck you was because you really didn't appear to want that. unfortunately I have no a lot of time for a chat here. Then I can send you some more about me and send more photo of me. )I’m an energetic guy, but have a pretty mellow and laid back personality. Communication and Commitment help us to return to love when we lose our way... We didn't always agree on things, but that was the best part of us... So grateful and thankful am I, for the most wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.... Later, when i asked my dogie what she thought, she said, "Hey, no one reads this stuff, they only look at the pictures... "Before we head off to the dog park, here is a bit more...

:)""You hunger for and run towards those experiences in life that are intense where you have to push yourself hard. Finding those moments sweeps you away with great passion and feel fully alive. I keep a positive attitude and am quite happy with my drama-free life. A few other important things for you to know…I’m good cook and am pretty good at keeping the house in order, too. )In terms of my match, I want a woman who takes care of herself and is up for trying new things. If I were to time travel and look back across a completed lifetime, this is what I plan to be saying.. What we did do, was always find a way to make it work -- for us, and for everyone involved... Starting with, I'm more than a bit uncomfortable talking about me...would much prefer to learn more about you!

These aren't 18-year old hotties, they're women in their forties. On one site my photo was rated a 7.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. I live in the Bay Area, so I'm sure that's not helping, but Jeez!! " it was soo embarrassing, the whole restaurant was looking at us.

i just ran out and he had the gall to leave a message on my answering machine the next day asking if we could go out again.

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well to make a long story short she lied to me about everything her age her being racially aware I mean everyting she said she was 19 she was 24 well the day my pawpaw died she broke up with me out of nowhere told all her friends I was a Crazy White racist that I cheated on her told her frinds I beat her when I drove up to see her.

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