Speed dating woodstock ga

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Speed dating woodstock ga

The CP 16 was termed 'single system'(the magnetic record head was built-in) and had a dedicated zoom lens.

Robust with four lenses, this camera was designed for mainly newsreel work (Movietone News etc).The camera first appeared in the mid-1920s and a sound version, in 1935. Larger picture shows our Wall dressed for a 'news scene' with our Bell & Howell 2709, a Newman Sinclair plus period microphones and stands.The Arriflex ST is a silent, battery operated 16mm camera with a off-set three-lens turret and a mirror-reflex shutter.The ARRIFLEX BL is a double or single sound system 16mm movie camera using a mirror reflex viewfinder and a zoom lens.This camera was used throughout the world for tv news, drama and documentaries.

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Originally, the Auricon Cine-Voice was only 100ft loading.