Tehran dating online

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Tehran dating online

His manuscripts were bought from his family after his death by Hans Sloane in 1725 and are now in the British Library (Kaempfer, ed. Although Kaempfer’s main interest was biology, especially botany, he described and illustrated archeological and historical places with unprecedented extensity.

He went to Isfahan in 1683-84 as the physician and secretary of the Swedish embassy sent to Shah Ṣafī II in another unsuccessful attempt to open a trade route via Russia.

His records cover most intensely the Shiraz-Persepolis area and Isfahan, with an important bird’s-eye view of the city center, and by their authenticity considerably add to the information about 17th-century Persia.

He seems to have been the first to use the term cuneiform to describe the Persepolis inscriptions.

Back in Lemgo in 1694, he could only publish part of his extraordinarily rich material, translated into Latin as in 1712.

A German translation of the chapter on Isfahan by Walter Hinz appeared in 1940.

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The original travel diary, written in Latin, is lost, but a posthumous abbreviated translation into German was published in 1675 (Beveridge; Kochwasser).

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